AUDACIOUS & FERAL™ is a ready to wear women's line created for the risk takers in fashion.

Created by designer Ayana Reynolds, a Baltimore native, who took her family taught skills and moved to NYC at the young age of 19 to pursue a career in fashion.

Receiving education at one of the top fashion design programs, Ayana over the years, took the light sewing she did for herself and friends, and turned it into a clothing line for the recklessly brave. 

AUDACIOUS & FERAL™ is all about a love of sequins, glitz and bright colors, making sure to turn any look into a show for all to see! 

Offering a new take on what is known to be "night life attire", AUDACIOUS & FERAL™ makes it known that it's ok to wear sequins every minute of everyday. Why? Because you can!

Whatever comes of this journey, Ayana wants all of her AUDACIOUS & FERAL™ supporters to remember to INHALE FASHION, AND EXHALE, EXCLUSIVITY, ORIGINALITY, & INDIVIDUALITY!